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Do you feel drowsy on a weekday in the middle of a week of work or study? Can’t seem to learn anything, remember important information and constantly have to force yourself to move on? We also constantly think that we need to get out of the state of sleepiness and apathy, but how?

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You need a super-effective mental stimulant – Modafinil. It’s also known as the smart pill.

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How can I buy Modafinil in the UK?

Buy Modafinil in the UK comfortably packaged under the trade names Provigil, Modalert, Modvigil and it is best to order online from an online pharmacy without a prescription.

Where can I buy Modafinil online?

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At, you can order Provigil online in just a few clicks.
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Firstly, we would like to clarify a number of points about ordering online from our website.

Security of purchases on our website

Protection of your data, fast delivery of Modafinil, anonymous packaging, high quality of the drug – all the best that our online pharmacy can offer its customers.

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Pharmacy price comparison

Drug prices vary from one pharmacy to another. Modafinil prices depend on the strength of the tablets and the number of tablets in the pack.

The average price of Modafinil 200 mg in an online pharmacy is around €1 per tablet for a pack of 360 tablets and €1.50 for a pack of 30 tablets.

The average price of a 100 mg tablet is €1.4 for a box of 30 tablets and 0.70 cents for a box of 360 tablets.
The average price per tablet (under different brands) in ordinary pharmacies will be 40% to 60% higher.

Our pharmacy offers a flexible system of discounts and democratic prices for all budgets.

You’ll find Modafinil at these prices:

DosagePackaging (pieces)Prices
200 mgFrom 30 to 360 tabletsfrom EUR 43.30 to EUR 259.78
100 mgFrom 30 to 360 tabletsfrom EUR 40.34 to EUR 242.06

Can I buy Modafinil without a prescription?

Yes, our online pharmacy does not require a prescription for Modafinil, but you will need a prescription from your usual pharmacy.

Who can prescribe Modafinil?

To obtain a prescription, you need to see a neurologist.

How do I know if I should consult a neurologist before taking the medicine?

If you have been suffering for a long time from persistent headaches, drowsiness, apathy, increased irritability, etc., it is advisable to consult a neurologist. The doctor will examine your condition and choose the appropriate therapy. This may include Modafinil.

Studies show that 80% of people taking this medicine are in good health, so they can buy Modafinil without a prescription and take it without fear. However, you should study the instructions carefully before taking it.

If you have decided to buy Modafinil online at a reasonable price, anonymously and quickly, you need to understand what this drug, which has all the properties of a nootropic, is.

What are nootropics?

Nootropic medicines are a major medical achievement that has influenced many areas of life. The drugs in this pharmacological group have a broad field of action. They can be used by healthy people to increase brain activity in the event of psycho-emotional stress, as well as by patients suffering from diagnosed diseases of the central nervous system. Nootropics are capable of influencing a person’s higher mental functions – perception, imagination, memory, thought and speech – without stimulating them, but only by activating them.

How do nootropics work?

Nootropics influence the metabolic process in the cells of the central nervous system. This improves blood flow to the brain, stimulating brain activity. A person taking a nootropic drug experiences a significant increase in concentration and memory, learning capacity, vigour and clarity of consciousness.

What nootropic drugs are available?

The most famous nootropic, and the precursor of all nootropic agents, is piracetam. There are many preparations based on its example, including piracetam itself or other active substances with a similar principle of action.

Nootropics are available under different trade names. The most famous of these is Nootropil. This drug contains the active ingredient piracetam and helps to activate brain functions and improve the patient’s general well-being.

Another popular nootropic drug is Phenibut (trade names Noofen, Anvifen, Phenibut). This drug not only has the functions of a nootropic, but also has mild tranquillising properties. The drug is actively used to treat insomnia, sleep apnoea, depression and other nervous system disorders.

Piracetam is also one of a number of combination drugs. One of the best-known combination drugs, Fezam, contains a combination of piracetam and cinnarizine and is designed to improve cerebral blood flow and cognitive brain function.

Nootropics and psychostimulants

Nootropics, which are not stimulants, belong to the same pharmacological group as psychostimulants. They include the popular drug Adderall. This drug is a combination and belongs to the central system stimulants. The drug works well as a remedy for improving concentration, as well as for treating ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder). There is also evidence that Adderall is used as a sports doping agent.

You can buy Adderall in UK under the brand names Adderall, Adderall XR, Mydayis, etc.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is an analeptic drug that has all the best properties of a nootropic drug. These pills improve memory and concentration, give a feeling of one hundred per cent brain activity and improve overall quality of life.

Modafinil is used by both healthy people and patients suffering from various illnesses.

What class of medicines does Modafinil belong to?

This medicine belongs to the class of analeptics, which includes, for example, caffeine. Analeptics are substances that actively stimulate the neurotransmitters responsible for arousal and performance.

However, Modafinil can safely be described as a universal drug, as it possesses all the properties of a nootropic substance, which perfectly enhances cognitive functions, in particular the processing and assimilation of knowledge, etc.

Mechanism of action

Once in the body, the active ingredient, modafinil, begins to interact with the biologically active chemicals known as neurotransmitters. These substances are essential elements that transmit electrochemical impulses from nerve cells and impulses from neurons to muscle tissue. Modafinil increases the potential of neurotransmitters, because the activity of these substances influences our state of mind. The more active the neurotransmitters, the more energetic and alert we feel.

In addition to its ‘friendship’ with neurotransmitters, Modafinil has a stimulating effect on the circulation of oxygen in the circulatory system, which has an immediate positive effect on the general tone of the body.

What happens after taking a Modafinil tablet?

The metabolism stimulated by the active substance allows the body to feel a surge of vigour and strength. A person who has taken Modafinil no longer feels lethargic or drowsy, and is able to make full use of their body’s potential.

How long does it take for the drug to take effect?

Approximately one hour after taking the drug, a general increase in body tone is felt. Two hours after taking the drug, there is a peak in cerebral and physical activity that lasts, on average, 4 to 6 hours. Modafinil should therefore be taken 2 to 3 hours before work, exams or competitions.

After that, the effects of the drug begin to diminish, but its moderate effects are felt for a long time.
Modafinil lasts from 16 to 22 hours after the tablet is taken.

It should be noted that each human body is unique. Consequently, the onset of action and peak activity of the drug in the blood are strictly individual and may differ from average data.

Safety of intake

It is your responsibility to follow the instructions carefully when taking Modafinil.

Modafinil is safe if you follow all the rules concerning the dose of the medicine and its interaction with other substances.
At low doses, the drug can be taken for a long time without harming your health. However, it is preferable to take it 2 to 4 times a week.

A single dose can also be taken if necessary. We are talking about one or two tablets at a dose not exceeding the daily dose.

The main rule when taking Modafinil is to observe how you feel and to stop taking Modafinil tablets immediately if you notice the slightest abnormality.

For information on how to choose a dosage, see our material a few paragraphs below.
We also provide information on contraindications and side effects of the pills, and this information should always be studied before taking the medicine, as your safety is at stake.

Brands of Modafinil

Modafinil is the active ingredient and is contained in a number of preparations under different brand names from different manufacturers.

The medicines are distinguished by the shape of the tablets or capsules and the appearance of the packaging: a box with blister packs or a bottle with tablets.

The composition of the medicines includes the active substance Modafinil, as well as excipients which are responsible for the tablet shell and tablet formation.
Medicines in this range include the brand name Provigil (Cephalon Inc., USA), as well as Provigil/Modafinil from the manufacturer TEVA FARMA, Belgium.

Other brands on the market include Modalert (SunPharma; India), Modavigil (Teva Pharma New Zealand Ltd; New Zealand), Modiodal (Cephalon) and many others.

All the drugs mentioned above are complete analogues with the same mechanism of action and the same indications for use.


Preparations containing the active ingredient modafinil come in the form of tablets or capsules with different dosages and are packaged in different configurations and with different numbers of pills.
The dosage of modafinil tablets is generally 100 mg per tablet or 200 mg per tablet.

Modafinil most commonly comes in the form of white, oblong tablets with a divider strip that allows a dose to be divided into two parts if desired.

The medicine may be packaged in a cardboard box filled with blister packs containing 30 or more tablets per pack.
The medicine can also be packaged in a plastic bottle with a cap, containing between 30 and 360 pills.

History of creation

Modafinil was originally developed to combat narcolepsy, a neurological condition that causes incessant daytime sleepiness, as well as other disorders such as sleep apnoea.

Over time, the doctors noticed that the drug not only made them feel awake, but also gave them a clear conscience and a sharp perception of information.
These qualities could not go unnoticed, and the drug became widely known and popular throughout the world.


One of the main advantages of Modafinil is that it is not addictive, even with prolonged use. Modafinil is well tolerated, reasonably priced and has a high percentage of positive reviews online.

Comparison of Modafinil with other nootropics


Modafinil and nootropil have fairly similar effects, aimed at stimulating brain function. However, Nootropil has no analeptic (excitatory) effect on the nervous system, so it does not prevent drowsiness.


There are two varieties of modafinil: modafinil and armodafinil. Armodafinil is a stronger variant of modafinil and has a more intense effect.

Armodafinil is best suited to one-off use before an event that requires the highest level of concentration and strength.
For long-term use and to keep your body in shape, Modafinil is better suited as it is a less intensive product.

Armodafinil in UK can be found on online pharmacy websites under various brand names, including Nuvigil (USA; Ukraine); Artvigil, India (by HAB Pharma); Modavital, El Salvador (Farmaceutica INHOSPI by Laboratorios Marceli).


Ritalin is a medicine containing the active substance methylphenidate. Methylphenidate is a central nervous system stimulant with effects similar to those of modafinil, and is used in the treatment of narcolepsy, fatigue and lethargy. Modafinil is the drug of choice because it has fewer side effects than Ritalin.

However, Ritalin is popular and can be bought online in UK under the brand names Ritalin, Concerta, Concerta LP, etc.


Adderall, mentioned above, is a nootropic drug with a universal action. It relieves fatigue, increases attention span and makes you feel alert and strong.

Unlike Modafinil, this drug is more addictive and is not recommended for long-term use.

Taking Modafinil by students

Modafinil is indicated for students because it provides a long-lasting tonic effect (up to 22 hours), provides motivation for action and makes work or study feel more productive. Increased concentration and productivity are exactly what the modern student needs and, with the help of nootropics, excellent results can be achieved.

Indications for use

Modafinil is a drug that increases the brain’s cognitive functions. As a result, it is popular with students, athletes and people whose work requires increased concentration. The drug is used successfully by both healthy people and those suffering from neurological diseases. Special indications for the use of the drug are the presence of a diagnosis such as narcolepsy.


Patients suffering from narcolepsy (excessive sleepiness) and related disorders receive modafinil as part of a complex treatment. Statistics show that patients experience a significant improvement in their condition after taking the tablets.


The drug is used as part of a complex therapy for the treatment of depression and the depressive phase of bipolar personality disorder. It should be noted that modafinil has brought some relief to the condition of many patients with such diagnoses.

Multiple sclerosis

Modafinil is used by doctors as a background treatment for multiple sclerosis. There is evidence that in some patients, symptoms of neurological fatigue have been considerably reduced.

Treatment of cocaine addiction

There is also evidence that the drug can be used as a treatment for cocaine addiction. Some statistics show an increase in the number of days spent drug-free on modafinil.

Interesting facts

Information on the use of modafinil by military pilots and astronauts is unverified. However, it does show that there have been cases of fighter planes being flown uninterrupted for 37 hours while taking the drug.

In addition, according to some reports, Modafinil has also been used in orbital space stations as a drug to reduce drowsiness.

How to take Modafinil

Modafinil should be taken once or twice a day after a meal with a small amount of water.

As Modafinil reaches its maximum blood concentration after 30 to 60 minutes, it makes sense to take it an hour and a half before work, studies or competitions.

The maximum daily dose is 400 mg. It should be noted that if you increase the dose, there will be no increase and the effect will be the same as that of the recommended daily dose.

Increasing the daily dose beyond 400 mg is not only unnecessary, but also dangerous, as undesirable side effects may occur.


The standard dose of Modafinil is 200 mg per day, which corresponds to one 200 mg tablet or two 100 mg tablets. It is preferable to take this dose in the morning, to ensure strength and concentration throughout the day.

As the drug has a significant effect on sleep, whether or not you should take it in the evening depends on your study or work schedule.

How do I choose a dose of Modafinil?

50 mg Modafinil (1/2 tablet 100 mg or ¼ tablet 200 mg)
If only a slight cognitive improvement is needed (to relieve the symptoms of the disease), it is possible to obtain positive results.
If only mild cognitive improvement is required (e.g. some lethargy, improved ability to work), 50 mg in the morning can be taken to provide a milder effect for 5-7 hours.
This small dose is unlikely to be invigorating in the afternoon and evening, having no effect on falling asleep.

In addition, a microdose of 50 mg is recommended when first taking the drug to reduce possible side effects, as well as for gentle daily use over the long term.
Many have pointed out that a small dose of Modafinil acts like a good cup of coffee, giving you a boost of energy and a pleasant start to the day.

100 mg Modafinil (one 100 mg tablet or ½ 200 mg tablet)

This dosage is optimal for long-term use and should be taken once a day. It is best to take it at the same time each day so that the body gets used to the interaction with the drug.

200 mg Modafinil (1 x 200 mg tablet or 2 x 100 mg tablets)
A dose of 200 mg a day is optimal and is suitable for both working adults and students, particularly during exam sessions. However, for long-term dosing, a lower dose is preferable.

A dose of 200 mg twice a day is indicated for sportspeople or people whose work involves a high level of psycho-emotional or physical stress.
A dosage of 400 mg per day is not considered suitable for long-term use and is more of an ’emergency aid’ for the positive resolution of various stressful situations.

There is also another way of taking modafinil. You can spread a 200 mg dose over a full day and take 50 mg microdoses (1/2 100 mg tablet or ¼ 200 mg tablet) every 4 hours. This method of taking will ensure a uniform concentration throughout the day.

The dose of Modafinil may be increased up to 400 mg per day, but this threshold must not be exceeded.

When adjusting the dose of Modafinil, you should take into account your condition during the day following the initial dose and reduce or increase the dose if necessary.

What to do if you miss an appointment

If you forget to take Modafinil for any reason, you can take it later, but without increasing the daily dose.


In the event of an overdose, you should monitor your condition closely and consult a doctor immediately in the event of nausea, vomiting, severe headache, reddening of the skin and other obvious symptoms of poisoning.

Directions for use

Many people ask how to make Modafinil more effective. This is only possible with low doses, up to 100 mg a day. In this case, you can drink one or two cups of tea or coffee, which can boost the effect without harming your health.

However, each body’s reaction is individual – caffeine against Modafinil may not have an invigorating effect, but on the contrary, it may reduce its effect.

Can Modafinil be sniffed?

Modafinil is available in tablet or capsule form and is taken orally. This means that they are swallowed with water.


The contraindications to modafinil include hypersensitivity to lactose. In addition to the active substance, modafinil, the tablets contain excipients (including lactose) designed to ensure the integrity of the tablet and its coating.

The medicine is contraindicated in the event of an allergic reaction to the tablet’s components, pregnancy and breast-feeding, cardiovascular disease, in particular heart malformations, and renal or hepatic insufficiency.

The most common side effects are

The following non-serious side effects may occur:

  • nausea ;
  • headache
  • heartburn;
  • diarrhoea;
  • agitation (feeling of anxiety);
  • skin rashes (itching, redness of skin areas, eruptions).

Such symptoms should be taken as a signal to stop taking the pills.

Dangerous side effects

Threatening symptoms that require urgent hospitalisation are :
Chills, fever, shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, swelling of the throat, tongue and inside of the mouth, as well as redness or yellowing of the whites of the eyes, severe skin rash or redness, severe and persistent headache.

If you experience at least one of the above symptoms, you must stop taking the medicine immediately and contact your doctor.

Interaction with other medicines

Modafinil should not be taken while taking hormonal contraceptives. Modafinil seriously reduces the effect of contraceptives, which means that unwanted pregnancies may occur. Modafinil should be used with mechanical protection, either alone or in combination with hormonal contraceptives.

It has also been found that the concomitant administration of Modafinil and medicines containing yohimbine (a fat burner) can cause a rapid rise in blood pressure and an increase in heart muscle contractions.

If you are taking ongoing medication, you should consult your doctor before starting Modafinil. Only your doctor can advise you on the suitability of Modafinil and its dosage with other medicines.

Modafinil and alcohol

Alcohol is not recommended during treatment with Modafinil. This medicine and alcoholic beverages are incompatible.

Opinions on Modafinil online

Modafinil enjoys great popularity and is the subject of many reviews on the Internet. Most reviews of the drug are positive. For many, the drug has helped them pass exams or pass an accounting report, and someone has been able to cope successfully with heavy physical work.

There are also negative reviews, indicating the appearance of undesirable side effects. However, it’s undeniable that every human body reacts differently to medicines, which is why it’s a good idea to start taking them with a microdose. We analyse and update our database of opinions on Modafinil.

How can you take a new step in life and do it easily, without feeling deeply tired or in a bad mood?

Simply read our recommendations and buy Modafinil.